Biography of Random Sound

The Swedish band ‘Random Sound’ contains four members which was brought together by the songwriter Anton Sandström. They have developed their melodious pop/rock music since 2006, which has brought them to a beaty and emotional sound with a touch of soul and funk. As they released their debut album ‘The World As We Know It’ in 2012, they have been compared with bands like ‘Maroon 5′ and ‘Coldplay’.

The band released two singles from the album (‘Found My Way’ and ‘You Will Shine’), which was played on several radio stations in countries such as Sweden, Great Britain, Croatia and The Netherlands. Many has shown interest in playing their music, not only in those countries, but all around Europe.

Random Sound has always worked hard to give their audience a great show. Even if they are playing in small clubs or at greater festival stages, they make the audience engaged. Their performance and stage show combined with the music they’re playing is proven to be very appreciated by all kinds of people.

2011 was the year when Random Sound took their task to the high level they are at now. It started out with the release of the promotional EP, ‘First Round’, and followed up with the recordings of the album ‘The World As We Know It’. Those events has brought the band beyond the swedish borders, with airplays and promo talks at radio stations they have developed into a group of recognized musicians.

Even today Random Sound works hard to grow and invites everyone into their purple world, where every man is a king and every woman a queen.

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